We work with Agents and Other Investors to Find Solutions for Those Hard to Sell Homes.

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“The Brothers showed me humanity still exists…”

“Darren was so helpful in taking care of my mothers home. He made it so easy I was totally amazed. The Brothers showed me humanity still exists in this world.”


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We work with Agents

We are looking for motivated agents to partner with us.

Give us your leads on fixers and we will guarantee a sellable listing! Realty Brothers Investments is an Agent and Realtor friendly business. We love and work with them nationwide every day.

How The Process Works

  • Send us your leads of properties that need updates or work, along with 3 comparable listings to verify ARV (After Repair Value).
  • We promptly review the property and after estimating the costs of a complete renovation (roof, windows, paint, casing, and doors, flooring, kitchen, and baths), get you a CASH offer.
  • If accepted, we will have our licensed general contractors give us a firm quote to verify our estimates. As a team member, we value your input on the recommended renovations as no other professional knows your market better.
  • One of our partner ASHI Certified Home Inspectors will complete a home inspection prior to closing.
  • We completely renovate the house to current market expectations from top to bottom.
  • As the agent that brought us the deal, we will re-list the renovated home with you so that you can  make more money.

It’s a win-win! You get rid of those hard to sell properties AND get a sellable listing and we get to do what we love best, help people out of bad situations and make the world a better place.

We work with Investors

Earn cash for your leads! We buy houses nationwide every day.  Close more wholesale deals by partnering with us. Give us a good lead that isn’t working for you… if that lead ends in a closing, we give you Cash!

How The Process Works

Send us your property Investor Packets (IP)

IP Contents:

  • Home address
  • Description and pictures
  • Selling Price
  • ARV (With Comparables)
  • Repair Estimates from contractors
  • Any property issues that will need to be dealt with at closing: Back Taxes, Point of Sale Fines (POS), Title Issues, etc.

We will review the lead and see how we can help the individual trying to sell their house. If we can work out a deal and close on the property we send you a finders fee.

We are always looking for great partnerships. If we have a lead that doesn’t fit with our company, we will let you know about it. Hopefully, together we can help people who are in tight spots.

Are You Stuck With One Of These Property Problems?

  • Sell my house fast Murfreesboro, TNListed a house that just won’t sell?
  • Have too many leads on your desk??
  • Repairs are needed but they’re too expensive?
  • No longer investing, but still getting leads?
  • Can’t get an investment rented?
  • Want to get out from under a problem property?

We help Agents and Investors who are facing headaches like those above.

If you want help to sell a house, then we’ll work with you. We partner with Agents and Investors to find solutions that work!

No pressure. No obligation. No more waiting. 

We work with Agent and Investor Leads regularly. We have funds ready and waiting to purchase more houses.  We are a professional real estate investment company that specializes in buying houses. We can solve almost any problem with teamwork.

We believe you should run your business without stress from a problem property. You deserve to take back control of your time, end the hassles, and get back to focusing on properties that work.

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